Graphic Designer

I’m freelancing as graphic designer for almost 8 years. I’m currently focussing on helping passionate individuals and small startup companies reach a greater online presence, strengthening their businesses through the use of great design. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects in a variety of styles, from graphic heavy interfaces, right through to the simplest of sites and I love nothing more than finding creative solutions to challenging problems.

I'm able to design the complete range of branding.

Product design Product design
Advertisement design Advertisement design
Website design Website design
Logo design Logo design
Search Engine Optimalization Search Engine Optimalization
Magazine design Magazine design
MSZV Tiburón - Web design
I am HipHop - Branding
IBIZA - Logo design


Graphic Designer & Architectural visualizer

My name is Stefan van den Eshof.
I’m born and raised in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This portfolio contains a duality of my skills and experiences as a freelance graphic designer and as a architecture student where I am looking for a job to create renders. Feel free to look around in both of my portfolios and don't hestitate to contact me.

When I was young I already had an huge interest in design and this resulted in becoming a freelance webdesigner. Beside graphic design I also have a passion for architecture. At the moment I'm doing my master which I will finish in 2019. If you want more information about my freelancing, go to the left page. If you want to see my portfolio regarding architecture, go to the right page.

Architectural visualizer

I’m a Architecture master student at the Technical University of Delft. I've done my Bachelor in Utrecht and after that I've worked for a year at different architecture companies. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects in a variety of styles. Lately I'm focussing on my render skills, the goal is to find a job where I can apply these skills; this can be an asset to your company!

I'm able to visualize the complete range of architecture.

Product design 3D Exterior Visualization
Advertisement design 3D Interior Visualization
Website design 3D Animations
Logo design 3D Virtual Tour
Search Engine Optimalization 3D Modeling
Het Nieuwe Instituut being personal and universal
Inside the Checkpoint Charlie Theatre
Outside the Checkpoint Charlie Theatre